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I once saw a bumper sticker that sums me up in one statement: I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could. An Arkansas native, I arrived in Dallas in the year 2000 armed with a Master's Degree from Stephen F. Austin State University & a passion for real estate. With over 20 years of experience, I not only have market knowledge &  industry expertise, but also I have some of the most incredible clients & have thoroughly enjoyed forming many life-long friends. When not in Dallas, I am usually fulfilling my other passion - traveling.  You can catch me in a few of my favorite places, Puerto Vallarta or Napa Valley especially.  I am also a REALTOR in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I specialize in the Uptown, Downtown, Park Cities, North Dallas, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, east Dallas areas of Dallas, and I live & work in Oak Lawn.


Brittney Culp Balogh, MD

I can't say enough good things about Lance as a realtor. He has now helped me with buying two properties and selling one. He will most definitely be helping me to sell again in a year. Lance is phenomenal and far better than other realtors in the area. I know from experience. When I first moved to Dallas, I used a different realtor. I ended up buying a nice home, but it wasn't a good buy. Lance wouldn't have let that happen. I've had absolutely no buyers remorse since working with Lance--and I might be one of the more fussy, high-maintenance buyers out there. Lance made buying quick and easy. I can't even remember how many good properties we saw in just a few days. He truly gets to know his buyers quickly. I've also had an amazing experience selling a property as well. Lance helped my tenants be comfortable with leaving 2.5 months before their contract was up. He also made it incredibly easy--even for a surgery resident. My husband and I both work 80 hours a week, and Lance made up for every minute that we couldn't be directly involved. He met contractors, got bids, checked on the townhome after a bad thunderstorm, gave me daily updates after showings, and the list goes on and on. I feel like I barely did any work and we closed at LISTING price. I know the next time we go to sell will be the same. Again, Lance is fantastic. I refer EVERYONE that has asked me about a realtor to him. If only he were going to be in my next city!

Judy Hall

Lance Blann is the best realtor I have had the privilege to work with. To say he went above and beyond the call of duty to make the sale of my condominium as seamless, and efficient as possible is an understatement. He is extremely knowledgeable about the market and he even met with the appraiser to make sure that my property was appraised at sales price. In addition, he provided referrals to economical contractors, obtained all of the bids from the inspection report so that I didn't have to and let the contractors into the property while I was at work. He advised on staging and repairs, and he always made himself available for advice and guidance on the process. Lance also assisted me with transitioning the current tenants out of the property. He was truly invaluable to me during this process and I would highly recommend his services to others who are looking to buy or sell property.

Stephanie McPeak

Lance Blann has served as my realtor, leasing agent and friend for the past 9 years. He not only helped me locate my home but assisted in getting it leased out, managing the tenant and is now selling the property. There was no question as to whom I would entrust the sale of my home. Lance has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty without being asked. He has met contractors in my home, worked tirelessly after hours, used his leads and connections to locate tenants, offered sound advice and exercised great care and patience in all of our transactions. His professionalism, responsiveness, knowledge of the market and resources have been invaluable. I highly recommend Lance to anyone considering purchasing or selling a home.